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Molecular genetic analysis of Maturity Onset Diabetes of the Young (MODY) genes

  1. 5-10 ml of venous blood can be collected at any time of the day in 2 tubes
    containing EDTA. After collection the tubes have to be shaken well. Samples
    should be labelled with name of the patient and date of birth. Additionally 2 ml
    of fasting and post prandial serum sample may be collected and labelled.
  2. The labelling should be wrapped around by a transparent scotch tape to protect
     it being erased in case of leakage.
  3. The samples can be kept in the fridge (4 degrees) for a day or two and need
     to be kept frozen (-20 degrees) after that period.
  4. Blood and serum tubes should be sent in a package with wrapping and on dry
    ice to ensure samples do not thaw during shipment.
  5. Samples from both parents and siblings are to be included whenever possible –
    whether affected or unaffected.

Please Fill the Neonatal/MODY Registration form before sending samples. Send samples to:
Genetic Analysis Department,
Madras Diabetes Research Foundation,
4, Conran Smith Road, Gopalapuram, Chennai-600086, India.
Tel. +91 43968888 Ext: 8321/ +91 33505555 Ext:509
Emergency Contacts :
09840106815 Dr.RadhaVenkatesan
09884776545 Dr.Kanthimathi
09940373069 Dr.Amutha Anandakumar



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