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Neonatal Diabetes & Registry
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Neonatal diabetes refers to neonates with diabetes diagnosed before 6 months of age. Neonatal diabetes is of two types. Transient Neonatal Diabetes (TNDM) in which the diabetes may disappear before the child’s first birthday, but often reappears during adolescents or early adulthood. The second type of neonatal diabetes is called Permanent Neonatal Diabetes (PNDM). Here, the child develops diabetes before 6 months of age but remains throughout life.

What is the importance of neonatal diabetes?

The importance of distinguishing neonatal diabetes from ordinary types of  type 1 diabetes from the usual juvenile onset type 1 diabetes is that individuals with neonatal diabetes may have a single gene mutation. This is also therefore referred to a monogenic form of diabetes. 

Why is it important to identify mutations in neonatal diabetes?

The common mutations in the neonatal diabetes are in the Kir gene, sulphonylurea reception (SUR) gene, Insulin (INS) gene. 
It affected maturity onset type 2 diabetes, MODY. If so, Please fill up the form below:

Consent Form – Mandatory to fill up and send along with the sample.

Neonatal Diabetes Registration Form

It is mandatory to fill this before any genetic testing has done.

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