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Doctor Registration Form

As you may be aware, the Madras Diabetes Research Foundation has been in the forefront of research on diabetes in this country.  We have a special interest in the area of genomics of diabetes.  Our research centre’s  website www.mdrf.in will give you an idea about the type of research that we are doing.  Our hospital website www.drmohans.com will give you an idea about the type of clinical services that are offered at our centre.
I am happy to inform you that we at the Madras Diabetes Research Foundation, Chennai, as an ICMR Advanced Centre for Genomics of Diabetes have been working on the genetics of Neonatal Diabetes.  We have so far screened about 30 children with neonatal diabetes and have found some novel mutations both the KIR gene as well as the SUR gene in Indian children with Neonatal Diabetes.  We also have facilities to screen for the insulin gene.  Thus, to our knowledge, this is the first comprehensive screening for Neonatal Diabetes genes in our country.  I would like to ask you whether you have any cases with Neonatal Diabetes in your practice and if so we would be happy to offer to do genetic screening for Neonatal Diabetes mutations.  This is being offered as a service and therefore will be done completely free of cost.  We would require a blood sample of the child along with some clinical details.  The child can be anonymized with respect to name and other identifiers to maintain confidentiality.  If you are interested, kindly contact any one of us at the numbers given below:
09940373069 Mrs. Amutha Anandakumar
09840106815 Dr. Radha Venkatesan
09884776545 Dr. Kanthimathi

In case, you are interested in joining Neonatal Diabetes India Foundation,Please fill up the Registration Form . We do look forward to hearing from you

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